The cultivation of protecting your precious data.

Our own redundant server cluster // HOSTING & EMAIL

The year 2004 set the cornerstone for renting our very first servers within an external data center. Our choice was inspired by Kevin Mitnick’s girlfriend who trusted the founders plus their manifesto for open source solutions. In 2019 they have founded Panomity GmbH and are now maintaining BYTESOIL’s GDPR compliant server clusters. Together supporting us in providing our services to our precious clients.


In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper explaining the fundaments of his peer-2-peer electronic payment system. The birth of Bitcoin/ $BTC and what happens to become the foundation of cryptocurrency like $ETH, altcoins and many more – smart contracts, tokens became buzzwords. In 2017 the launch of cryptokitties initiated the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) and cryptoart has started.

free for private use // secure chats // Password manager

Especially after 2020 home office and securing your own data is a serious topic to be dealt with. Therefore we offer you selected free tools we are hosting within our german data center. The focus is on storing your precious credentials along with video conferencing and chatting online. For businesses we offer Homeoffice as a Service solutions starting from encrypted file sharing to collaboration apps.

Solutions we 💜 and strongly recommend as a basic tool set.

DEUS by bytesoil // Secure Data Vault even root@.. has no access to.

Based on the framework NextCloud is providing we are hosting this secure data vault, hardened our installation and keeping it redundant. This said, you have two options: registering for an account on our DEUS or hosting your customized NextCloud solution with us reflecting your own brand – in both cases, you comply to GDPR! Just drop us a note. >>>

hosting by bytesoil // neophyte for beginners // elysium for professionals

No matter of hosting complex SaaS or just an eMail address – we support you either way. Our redundant server cluster is running on proxmox & ceph as a basis and several other open source tools & services – except some enterprise solutions even we consider as valid & important! One last remark: we are not open to the masses, focus on security & know all our customers in person.

nebula by bytesoil // storing your most precious data & pii

“Zero Signature” is a term J. Tate taught us within his articles on – switch to that site and do your own research! With Nebula we host a Bitwarden instance, made it highly available & free for private users to store their most precious data in it: credentials & PII. Companies and teams searching for a tool to share credentials with shall contact us. >>>

All our services rely on soft- & hardware. These are our “love brands” we proudly partnered with & officially distribute as msp:

Bitdefender // Reseller & Multi Service Provider // since 2018
FIBARO System // Distributor & Installer // certified since 2020
Greenbone // Reseller & Multi Service Provider // since 2021
Lancom-Systems // Reseller & Multi Service Provider // since 2019

our experiences are our skills & split into companies

Whenever a client provided us a challenge, we kept our skills working, gained new experience and when necessary: created a company to rise and serve our clients needs. Since 1998 the following companies have geared up to tackle new adventures:

Legal - but no lawyer!

OUTERCIRCS’s dedication to protect your and your customers PII’s under the roof of GDPR >>>


NOOMILICIOUS’s ad- & content production results in touching individuals in their daily life >>>


BITS & DIGITS our newsroom & investigator unit in tandem with BLACK ALCHEMY SOLUTIONS GROUP >>>

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